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We are a marketing firm that specializes in food, agriculture and school lunch. We started our firm in 2006 when we discovered that we shared expertise and enthusiasm for food, marketing and agriculture. Because we come from different professional backgrounds and have complimentary skill sets, we realized that together we could offer clients a broad range of services. We have provided services to clients throughout California and the United States. Please contact us and read more…

Our Blog: Who’s Cooking School Lunch?

As we visit and work with school lunch staff  we continue to discover  amazing stories of food, family, and passion, of language and cultural diversity, of a  celebration of life.

So, we decided to tell some of these stories based on our interviews with them, all with permission of the individuals themselves and their food service directors.We asked the directors and staff questions about their origins, their childhood memories of food and cooking, and of place. We asked them about their jobs and what they do. We learned about them and about ourselves and remembered again and again the role that food plays in life.

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